2002-08-21 / Front Page

Rangeley Park Commission discusses lot purchase

Barry Matulaitis
RANGELEY -- The Rangeley Park Commission met on Thursday, Aug. 15 to discuss the possible purchase of a small lot on Main Street by the town, and also the development of written ordinances covering the town park.Rangeley Parks and Recreation Director Jim Quimby said that he had attended a selectmen's meeting regarding the purchase of the Schofield lot by the Park Commission. He said that the process was moving forward, and that selectman Mark Beauregard had been asked to inform the realtor that the town was interested in purchasing the lot. The Board of Selectmen had asked Quimby to have the Park Commission make a decision on whether the park's reserve funds could be used.He said at Thursday's meeting that it was acceptable to use the reserve funds. Both Commission member Kim Dolbier and Quimby said at the meeting that the commission needed to find a price on the lot prior to making a decision on what, if any, reserve funds could be used. Quimby mentioned that the selectmen would have the final word in any decision regarding the use of reserve funds.The commission's attention then turned to the town park. Quimby said that he was developing a set of written ordinances based on the conduct he had witnessed from the park's users, and also based on the ordinances that other towns had for their parks. He added that many opportunities arose where rules had to be enforced at the park. "When you try to enforce the rules, people will ask to see the ordinances," he said.The Commission reviewed the problems Quimby had seen at the park, including RVs that violated the park's rule against overnight parking, people swimming outside of the swim area, dogs swimming in the swim area, and wrestling on the dock. In addition, Quimby said that a major concern for him and for others who worked at the park was children age 10 and under being left without the supervision of someone age 14 and older. "We've had to become babysitters because of this," he said.Board chair Shirley Herbert said that marijuana use had also been a problem in the park. Quimby said that he needed the current park rules to be in a written format to give him the authority he needed to enforce them. "I intend the park to be fun," he said. "There are isolated incidents where I need backing, and that's where this (the written ordinances) come in."In other business, the Commission discussed the work that was occurring at the basketball court in the park. The court is currently being repaved and will have a completely new drainage system. Quimby said that he had received complaints about the timing of the work. He said that it was unfortunate that the work had to be done during the summer months, when many people played at the court, but that was when the contractor was available. "It will be much better after it's paved," he said. "It will be there for years and years."The Commission approved a request by the Rangeley Region Health Center to have a Health and Safety Day at the park on Aug. 22. Many health and safety items will be offered over the course of the day.The Park Commission's next meeting will be on Sept. 19.

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