2005-08-10 / Front Page

Kingfield Water District:Poland Spring on agenda

D.J. Hart
KINGFIELD -- The Trustees of the Kingfield Water District met on Aug. 1. The agenda for the regularly scheduled meeting called for discussion regarding Poland Spring status and reports of the project."With several visits to the wellhead site, everything seems to be copasetic and seems to be going as planned," chairman Robert Barnes said in an interview following the meeting.Barnes commented that Stratex technical and advising consultant, Keith Taylor, updated the board on the progress and summarized the current data collected by Drumlin LLC, an independent consulting firm for Poland Springs. Stratex is a subsidiary of the law firm Bernstein, Shur, Sawyer and Nelson, and is retained by the town of Kingfield."They are still trying to define the dimensions of the aquifer," Barnes commented, adding that he "felt assured that there are no shortcuts in working to map out the boundaries of the aquifer," in Taylor's report."In the next couple of weeks, Poland Spring will be installing a 12-inch well in which they will conduct a significant test during a low water mark," Barnes stated, indicating that it may happen in September or October.This will be the second significant test intended to monitor the effects of pumping, this time during a low water season or when the aquifer is at his lowest volumetric level.The first significant pumping test last spring was intended to monitor effects during high water or high volume.Barnes updated the trustees concerning the recent tour of Poland Spring's Hollis Plant. "It was a rather impressive plant," he stated and said that he felt Kingfield would be getting a very similar facility should the project go through.The next regularly scheduled water district meeting will be at Webster Hall, Monday, Sept. 5 at 6:30 p.m.

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