2008-11-26 / Letters

Eighth grade class spirits uplifted

To the editor:

On Tuesday, Nov. 18, the Wayfarers' Club provided a wonderful turkey dinner to the employees of Reed/Reed Contractors, Sargent Corporation, and Maine Drilling & Blasting. John and Melissa Pare were the cooks and provided a delicious meal with all the special fixings; as well as a nice selection of desserts. Employers drew raffles for the employees including generous gift certificates from our local businesses and hats with company logos. There were around 105 employees served in all.

This night was especially important to a group of Stratton eighth grade students. Thanks to Peter Farnsworth, the eighth graders were invited to serve tables and help with clean-up duty. The students were more than willing at first with the promise of a tip donation to go towards their class trip fund raising. The night proved to be a great learning experience for the students involved and they also were able to sample the meal and desserts as well. Thanks go out to our helpers, Dana, Fred and Peter.

As the evening came to a close, donations were handed over to our diligent waiters and waitresses. Much to all our surprise, in all we received $1250.

All three companies made very generous contributions which are truly appreciated.

Thanks to Reed/Reed, Sargents and Maine Drilling and Blasting.

You have lifted the spirits of a hard working class (and parents). We all hope you have the happiest of holidays. You all will be fondly thought of as we enjoy our class trip adventures! Sincerely, Millie Howard and Stratton eighth graders Stratton

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