2008-11-26 / Community & Local News

RSU public meeting set for January 15

Rangeley Board of Education

RANGELEY -- A Special Board of Education meeting was held Nov. 13, with board members Ginny Nuttall, Barbara Burgess, Mary Vacarro, Harold Schaetzle and Pam Ellis present, according to the recently released minutes of the meeting.

Also present were Phil Richardson, Superintendent and Sherry Connally, Principal.

Old business was considered first, beginning with establishing school goals. Copies of the previous year's goals, the materials gathered at the public meeting, notes taken at a previous meeting, and a draft of possible goals was distributed and discussed at length. Suggestions were made for combining draft goals and adding specifics.

It was decided that the superintendent and principal will re-write the goals based on the suggestions made.

According to the minutes, the re-written goals will be e-mailed to board members for editing so a final draft can be ready for presentation at the Nov. 25 meeting.

It was moved by Schaetzle and seconded by Ellis to submit the RSU plan and to schedule a public meeting on the plan for Jan. 15, 2009 at the Rangeley Lakes Regional School with the referendum to be held on Jan. 27, 2009. This was passed unanimously.

In new business, Connally requested that the Teacher Workshop Day scheduled for March 20, 2009 be moved to Dec. 19, 2008 because an opportunity for teacher inservice regarding two computer generated programs (Study Wiz and School Notes) was available on-site and at no cost on that date. This was also unanimously passed.

Next meeting agenda

The next Rangeley Board of Education meeting will be held Wednesday, Nov, 25, at RLRS at 6 p.m. in the All-Purpose Room.

The agenda for this meeting was also recently released.

After the call to order and the Pledge of Allegiance, members will be asked to accept the minutes from the previous two meetings, and then adjust the agenda as need. Following these items, public comment, if there is nay, will be heard.

Comments from the chair, superintendent, principal and student board representative will be heard.

Old business will include the RUS Grant and a consolidation update. There will also be reviews of the following policies: overnight or out-of-state travel, request for overnight or out-of-state travel, course offerings and course activities outside the normal school hours, outside of-school activities (fund-raising), travel experience non-school sponsored, student organizations and student fund-raising.

The choir's overnight trip proposal will be heard.

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