2009-08-26 / Letters

Open to letter to our elected officials

To the editor:

This is an open to letter to our elected officials: the Honorable President Obama; Congresswomen Snowe and Collins; and all others.

Greetings from Maine.

Instead of all the hoorah, questions and answers (concerning the healthcare debate), why not take anonymous examples of people with different incomes, etc. and show by example how the new healthcare will work?

In the low income (widow), elderly category, I'd be willing to be used as an example.

I can also fill you in on how much more I had to pay from my low Social Security (income) per month up until 2005 when I almost went bankrupt!

We need to know if Medicare will be in effect (and also Medicare D). Things used to be explained by charts and graphs (per income and needed coverage).
Mrs. (Donald) Marylyn B. R. Bachelder

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