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‘North by NorthEast’ an asset to the Irregular

To the editor:

I was very pleased to read Allen Wicken’s article in The Irregular of 12/9/09 about the work that Greg Mortenson is doing with his Central Asia Institute. Following is the message I sent to Mr. Wicken regarding this article:

“Dear Mr. Wicken,

I was very pleased to read the subject article. My wife and I first read Greg Mortenson’s book ‘Three Cups of Tea’ a couple of years ago, and have been supporting his Central Asia Institute with a modest monthly donation ever since. His latest book, ‘Stones into Schools,’ tells the story of his amazing expansion of his Pakistan program into Afghanistan. We believe that his vision and his efforts in implementing that vision can do more to achieve peace in central Asia than military intervention by itself can ever hope to achieve. Further, we are much encouraged to see the rapport developing between the CAI and our military forces in Afghanistan. Mortenson’s efforts in developing person-to-person relationships with the countries’ citizens are essential to the accomplishment of his objectives. I believe that similar efforts by our armed forces are essential to the accomplishment of our military objectives in the area.

Your thoughtful articles are an asset to The Irregular newspaper. Please keep up the good work! Do you mind if I forward a copy of this letter to The Irregular?”
Freeland Savage
Stockton Springs

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