2011-11-02 / Front Page

BJ Bangs wins Cat Writers Communication award

BJ Bangs, Irregular writer and photographer, won a certificate in excellence from the International Cat Writers Association Annual Communication Contest for her series: “Problems Arising from Cat and Dog Overpopulation” that was published in “The Original Irregular” earlier this year.

The series consisted of “Spay/neuter best way to combat cat and dog overpopulation,”

May 25; “Shelter helps over 1,000 animals a year,” June 1; and “An ACO’s job can be thankless,” June 8.

The certificate of excellence was for the newspaper article, other category. All articles had to be published between June 16, 2010 and June 16, 2011, and obtain a rank of at least 90 out of 100 percent.

She is also a finalist for the Muse Medallion, and a contender for two of the annual contest’s special awards, which will be announced at the CWA Awards Banquet at the Annual Conference being held in conjunction with the International Westminster Cat Show in White Plains, N.Y., in No- vember.

The Cat Writers’ Association Inc. is a professional organization of more than 250 published writers, artists, broadcasters and other experts from around the world, who share a special affection for and expertise in cats. For more information about CWA, visit www.catwriters.org. The organization was founded in 1992. Bangs joined CWA as a professional member earlier this year.

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