2012-05-30 / Irregular Regulars


by Laura Dunham

Located only three miles from where we built our new home in Cresson, Pa. is the Admiral Peary Highway and the birthplace of Robert Peary who discovered the North Pole. A large park and monument in honor of Peary is located in the center of town. Peary was born May 6, 1856 and then with his family moved to Maine in 1859 where he later graduated from Bowdoin College.

I received a note this week from friends Guy and Sara Woods, formerly of Stratton who are now living in North Carolina. Sara said that the weather was beautiful and that her garden was growing like crazy. Guy has had some medical problems with recent surgery but is doing better.

When Lorraine Chandler of Strong found out that her friend Shirley Allen of Strong would have to have treatments for cancer she started to make hats for her to wear. Lorraine has made over 100 of the cancer hats for adults and children and now that Shirley has passed away, Lorraine will be giving her hats to the Dempsey Cancer Center at Central Maine Medical Center, the Beth Israel Hospital and the Dana Farber Children’s Cancer Centers in Boston.

I wonder if anyone ever came to the aid of Linda Agren in New Portland who had a porcupine up a tree near her home?

I remember when in Maine, my brother, the late Emery Hall, having a problem with ticks while attending his swarms of bees. They really seem to be a problem every where now. A solution it seems is to soak cotton balls in soapy water and apply them to the area where the ticks have embedded themselves and they come right out onto the balls.

We had a wonderful Mother’s Day tea at out senior center here and everyone had to bring a favorite tea cup and tell a story about it. I took a favorite of my dear late sister in law’s Florence Hall and knew how pleased she would have been when I received second place for my entry.

We were pleased this past week to have our “camping buddies” Earl and Norma Mann of Augusta stop by for a couple of days in their motor home on their way home from Florida.

We will be sorry to miss the annual Kingfield High School Alumni Association gathering Saturday, June 2 at the Kingfield Elementary School. Registration for the 92nd annual banquet will be from 12 to 12:30 p.m. with a lunch to be served at 12:30. This year the class of 1962 will be honored. If you wish to reserve a table you can contact secretary Glennese Taylor.

The Phillips Farmer’s Market has opened for the summer on Saturdays from 10-2 p.m. at the American Legion Building.

Ginny Doherty has returned home after a week in Ireland. Ginny’s daughter, Courtney Oland of Kingfield and Topsham, took Ginny and her granddaughter, Ashley, on the once in a lifetime trip. Ginny said they had to walk some 100 steps up a walkway in a castle to kiss the blarney stone. Frank (Ginny’s husband) said now that she has done that he doesn’t stand a chance. Just as Ginny got home, she and Frank received word that their son, Ryan, who operates the North Freeport General Store, had been severely burned on his arms and hands while working on a boat motor... so it was a hurry up trip to the Maine Medical Center, said Ginny.

You know according to Marylyn Bachelder “prayers don’t cost a cent... doesn’t take much time... and do the most good.” This week my prayers go out to Marylyn who has recently been hospitalized, to the families of Edith Caton and Elaine Morgan. Also to former Strong residents Lucille Crockett who is at the Central Maine Medical Center and to her sister, Lynn Crockett Hall, whose son, B.J. Kennedy, is hospitalized in Illinois. My dear friend Lorraine Ristano of New Portland who is recovering from lumpectomy surgery stage two cancer hopes to come home for a few days before she has to start some seven weeks of radiation treatments. Pete Ristano and Dick Chandler also need some special prayers as they receive treatments for leg and knee problems.

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