2012-05-30 / Letters

Kingfield is not a ‘slum and blight’ area

The people of Kingfield will be asked to vote at our next town meeting on an article designating a portion of our beloved town as a “slum and blight” area.

I hope you have all read or will make it a point of reading the commentary written by Karen Bessey Pease in the Original Irregular of May 23 (Page 3) before you make your decision.

Ms. Pease really did her homework investigating exactly what constitutes the definition of a “slum and blight” area per Maine State Law. I read both the A and B section very carefully and cannot think of one area in town that could be truthfully designated slum and blight!

Federal tax dollars are being made available to towns that are in desperate need. Kingfield is definitely not one of those towns. To request those HUD monies for this town would be a LIE!

Do we need $150,000 so bad that we would ruin the good name of our beautiful Kingfield, your home and mine?

Please take a few minutes and read Karen’s article and then walk or drive around our Kingfield and view the mountains, our rivers, the lovely homes and gardens, and then make your decision on how you will vote on Saturday, June 16.

Patsy Boyce

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