2012-12-26 / Letters

Come join the United Way Family!

Safe Voices, the domestic resource center serving Franklin, Androscoggin and Oxford counties is a proud supporter of the local United Way of the Tri-Valley Area and also served on this year’s Campaign Cabinet.

In this role, we were offered a unique look at what they do how they raise funds and what impact the donated dollars truly and significantly have in our community. There is a true partnership between local agencies funded by United Way, The United Way Staff, volunteers, and the Greater Franklin County Community. In addition to raising funds to help local agencies, they offer professional guidance and advocate for our community around issues; write grants; and lead or partner with others to coordinate community initiatives. They are constantly striving to improve the lives of those in Franklin County.

We hope you will consider giving to the United Way. You can give through a workplace campaign, give a direct donation, or volunteer a few hours or some time advocating for those in need. Come join the United Way Family!

Jane Morrison
Executive Director
Rebecca Austin
Franklin County Outreach Advocate

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