2013-09-25 / Irregular Regulars


by Laura Dunham

Guess who’s coming for dinner? Well, we didn’t have to guess; we knew when I invited 11 children and their parents for lunch just before we left for Maine. It was about two months ago that an insurance man (Nevin Hersch) came to our house. After he had made several visits and had lunch with us, he was like family. I asked Nevin if he had any children and he whipped out a photo stating “Oh yes, 11 under the age of 12.” Being the good reporter that I am, I asked the stupid question, “Does your wife work out?” Then I said, “Why don’t you all come for lunch?” at which my daughter Kim looked at me like I was crazy.

Well, they all came and what a wonderful day. The children are all home-schooled so they considered the day a field trip. Howard had the five boys out back in a football game and I had the six girls busy playing with my doll collection and helping me with lunch. I cooked five pounds of hotdogs, rolls, a salad, watermelon, cukes, chips and because it was Eddington’s fourth birthday, I made a big cake and covered it with 11 bright new pencils. What a wonderful day...every one wanted to know when they could come back.

Pictured are the Nevin Hersch family, Howard and Laura’s new adopted family from Meyersdale, Pa. Laura is holding the five-month-old with Eddington holding his birthday cake with the 11 pencils representing his 10 brothers and sisters. (Laura Dunham photo) Pictured are the Nevin Hersch family, Howard and Laura’s new adopted family from Meyersdale, Pa. Laura is holding the five-month-old with Eddington holding his birthday cake with the 11 pencils representing his 10 brothers and sisters. (Laura Dunham photo) How wonderful it was to be back home in Kingfield and to see all our friends and family. I think we will have to go back home to Pennsylvania to rest up after so many social gatherings. It was nonstop celebrating Pete Ristano’s 67th birthday at Tufulio’s, meeting with the Kingfield seniors Tuesday, going out to dinner nightly with friends, 15 of us (former camping and Florida friends) meeting from all over the state in Skowhegan Friday for lunch, attending Peter Farnsworth’s retirement and Jamie and Becki Phelps’ wedding Saturday. Sunday we had our open house and then it was on to the American Legion dinner, and a trip to Lac-Mégantic and finally my class reunion, the New Portland Fair and our dear Alex and Dorrie’s wedding...maybe I can sleep that 700-mile ride home Sunday.

It sure was nice to see my grandson Justin Jordan and Mark Wahl all dressed up in tuxedos Saturday night for Jamie and Beckie Phelps’s wedding. “They do clean up good.”

I saw Barry Fotter while in Stratton and he said, “Laura how do you know what’s going on in Stratton living in Pennsylvania when I live right here and have to read the paper to find out what’s going on?” I said, “It’s my spies!”

I was glad to run into Deidre Boudreau of Kingfield who said she was heading for a caribou hunt at Leaf River in northern Québec, Canada, having to fly some 1,200 miles before she even gets to the hunting grounds. Deidre said she hoped to get two but would be happy with one. Last year Deidre shot a moose at Ft. Kent...what a hunter. I understand she got two caribous during her trip.

The Saturday I was in the area, New Portland town manager Staci Rundlett was busy putting on an appreciation dinner at the community building for all the town employees, committee members and fire department personal. “I’m even going to make my famous whoopee pies,” said Staci.

My prayers go out to many of our local friends in town who may not be feeling up to par: Sid Savage, Raymond Meldrum, Craig Marshall, Evie Norton, Frank Doherty, Naida Woodcock, Dawn Taylor, Thelma Cyr, Jennie Trippi and to Bob Dunphy, New Portland’s Code Enforcement Officer and to the late Joe Perham family —I did enjoy his performances of humor over the years.

What a wonderful visit we had with Jim McClure (although I told him he and Kathy must have a screw loose for living in such a remote area). Jim told us that he and Kathy will have to make a trip to Germany over the next few years as their daughter Cassie and her husband Sgt. Michael Shawn Darrell are being transferred from California to Frankfurt Germany for the next three years.

While attending Peter Farnsworth’s retirement party, we found “it sure is a small world” when this wonderful man sat down with us and we found out he had worked with our daughter, Debbie, for years. Bill Haefele, who now lives six months of the year in Wyman Township, spends the other six months in Bar Harbor where our Debbie lives during the summer working for Ocean Front Properties. Bill is the tour director for all those cruise ships that come into Bar Harbor. Bill also worked at the front desk at the Sugarloaf Inn for over 15 years with our Debbie. Bill who is from Winthrop said he remembers when he was in high school he would come to Sugarloaf on a weekend where one time he purchased his first skis from Harvey Boynton’s Ski Shop paying him $5 each week on his return trip. Bill also worked for Lang and Judy Warren washing dishes at The Loft that was located on the West Kingfield Road in the 1960s.

I spoke with Virginia Ann LaNoce who formerly had a medical practice in New Portland and she told me that she is now working in Farmington with Dr. Bien and Dr. Fuson at their Wilson Stream Family Practice.

I believe that the day that Kingfield obtained the new Western Maine Pharmacy “was their lucky day.” The pharmacist, Audrey Parks and assistant pharmacist, Michelle Campbell, outdid themselves at least four times helping us obtain our necessary medicine from Pennsylvania while home.

A Happy Birthday to my friend Ruth White who turned the big 80. Ruth said she was too old for a party... “I had my blast when I turned 75; that was enough,” said Ruth.

Who should we run into at the Woodsman but Mickey and Bea Durrell of (Howard and Mickey went to Kingfield High School together) Largo, Fla. who were staying at the Hotel Herbert for three weeks. I understand Bea just loved traveling to Quill Hill (at least twice).

Now that Peter Farnsworth has retired from the border he’s busier than ever (and doesn’t miss that schedule). On Thursday Peter was one of the chaperones who went on an overnight field trip to King and Bartlett. The students, including his granddaughter, were all from the fifth through eighth grade from the Stratton School.

I was glad to see Reid and Kathy Stanley from Benedicta who have a new grandchild (now that makes Cis a great-Grammie). This was the first time that Cis’s children had all been home together in seven years including Jim and Marlene Bunker of North Carolina.

Wow! That Ron Moody he just can’t stay away from a law enforcement position. Heather tells me that he is now a Security guard for the Atlanta Georgia Falcons and the University of Georgia Bulldogs —right up Ron’s alley as he has always been a great football fan.

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