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McCurdy, Johnson on budget committee

By Dee Menear Irregular Staff Writer

Kingfield Selectmen have posted these signs ordering the removal of group or personal items from Webster Hall. Kingfield Selectmen have posted these signs ordering the removal of group or personal items from Webster Hall. KINGFIELD — Selectmen signed appointment papers for two new budget committee members during the March 3 meeting. Fulton Ryan and Robert Barnes have stepped down from the committee and Neil McCurdy and Deb Johnson have been appointed.

Selectmen discussed continued cleaning of Webster Hall. At the Feb. 17 meeting, selectmen agreed that the hall needed to be more visually appealing for functions. Webster Hall is rented out for birthdays, family and social gatherings, receptions and other purposes.

Chairman Heather Moody stated that some work had been done in the kitchen. Some cabinets have been cleaned out and various dishes and cooking utensils which do not belong to the town have been set aside. Merv Wilson removed damaged cabinets which he said were very close to coming off before he replaced them.

If groups would like to have items at Webster Hall they should store their materials and equipment in rubber mouse-proof totes. Moody said, “If we give every group a cabinet we are going to be full of cabinets.” Wilson questioned whether stuff left in a public building was public property. “I don’t see that anybody should own any of these cabinets if it is a public building,” Wilson stated. “I firmly believe this is a public hall and not a locker room or a clubhouse and people should get their stuff out.”

Selectmen voted to require people or groups to remove their property or store it in an airtight container in the basement. Selectman John Dill opposed the motion.

Signs have been posted stating that items left in Webster Hall after March 22 will be disposed of. Moody said the signs have been in place since February vacation giving all groups a chance to read the notice.

Administrative Assistant Leanna Targett noted that there were 19 properties that would be in tax foreclosure March 19.

The board approved allowing the Kingfield Sno- Wanderers to post some signs. One would be in the vicinity of the sledding hill off of Route 27. The club would like to post a sign stating it grooms and maintains the public sledding area. It would also like to post a parking sign in the area open to parking for snowmobiles. The board agreed to approve this on the condition that Wastewater Superintendent Bryan Fitch agreed to it. “That is part of his area after all,” Dill said.

Selectmen will meet again March 17 and April 7. Their meetings begin at 6 p.m., are held in Webster Hall and are open to the public.

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