2016-06-15 / News from our Schools

Kingfield school releases honor roll

KINGFIELD — Kingfield Elementary School recently released its third trimester honor roll for the 2015/2016 school year.

Fifth Grade — High Honors: Callahan Towle; Honors: Lyle Hering, Mia Luce, Nicholas Maxsimic, Fionna Raley Therberge, Mackenna Targett, Abigail Wilcox; Honorable Mention: Sullivan Butler, Lily Day, Nathan Holland, Jason Moody, Edward (Tre) Pease, Frank Provencher, Kenneth Tozier.

Sixth Grade — High Honors: Caleb Thibodeau, Cameron Walters; Honors: Zek Coolong, Angelo Gerardi, Trevor Phelps, Falia Ridley, Winter Ziehler; Honorable Mention: Alex Hemingway.

Seventh Grade — High Honors: Hayden Luce, Cade Tooker; Honors: Ethan Cockerham, Troy Hupper, Hannah Maynard, Camryn Wahl; Honorable Mention: Jazmine Fish, Joshua Ireland, Madison Phelps, Alex Renshaw Jr., Michael Wallace.

Eighth Grade — High Honors: Hannah Holland, Tyler Jensen, Jackson Masterson; Honors: Lydia Dicentes, Isaac Emery, Braydee Hinkley, River Horn, Jonathan Jordan, Yvonne Provencher, Finn Towle, Harrison Walters; Honorable Mention: Christy Emery, Allison Pinkham, Emma Root, Guinevere Webster, Lori Woodcock.

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