2016-09-14 / Sports & Outdoors

Berry Pickers’ Trail to open on Saddleback

The Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust is pleased to announce the opening of a new Appalachian Trail side trail between the Fly Rod Crosby Trail and the Appalachian National Scenic Trail that follows, in part, a route used by local residents for more than 150 years to harvest mountain blueberries and cranberries on Saddleback Mountain. The Berry Pickers’ Trail was also the route originally planned for the Appalachian Trail in 1933.

From the trailhead at Winship Stream, the route ascends to Boundary Ledge at 0.9 miles, The Erratic at 1.3 miles, and then the Appalachian Trail at 1.7 miles. From there, it is 0.7 miles south to the summit of Saddleback and 0.9 miles north to the summit of The Horn. Except for occasional double blazes which indicate sharp or unexpected turns, the trail is marked by single, rectangular blue blazes and rock cairns. The route follows open ledges with outstanding views.

Trail work on the Berry Pickers’ Trail was done by the Maine Appalachian Trail Club with assistance from the Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust and a crew from Camp Tekakwitha. Landowners include Linkletter Timberlands LLC, Appalachian Trail Conservancy, Maine Appalachian Trail Land Trust and the National Park Service (within the A.T. corridor). The completion of the trail was a cooperative effort among all the organizations and landowners listed herein.

The inaugural hike on the trail will be held Sept. 17 for the Great Maine Outdoor Weekend, and thereafter the trail will be open to the public.

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