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What is the Opportunity Center?

By Dee Menear Irregular Staff Writer

PHILLIPS — The Opportunity Center of Northern Franklin County was formed in 2005 after Lauri Toys closed the doors of its Avon factory, leaving 29 people without jobs.

The mission of the non-profit organization is the same today as it was 12 years ago: to promote partnerships both within and between business and education, to serve as a catalyst for the creation of sustainable economic opportunities, and to enable citizens to prosper and flourish in the community.

Over the years, educational and vocational training has been made available through the organization. One of the early successes of the organization is the Maine School of Masonry. What started out as a training program held at the former Lauri factory, is now a dedicated trade school located in Avon.

Chairman Bill Crandell said the dedicated Board of Directors of the Opportunity Center has been quietly working on community projects. “We are a diverse group but we come with the idea of how to come together for solutions. We are a conduit for resources and connect people with those resources,” he said.

One of the organization’s original goals was to explore the development of wireless/ broadband Internet for the region. “Even then, we knew how important connectivity would be,” Crandell said.

The Opportunity Center of Northern Franklin County is a 501(c)(3).

For more information, email ocfranklincounty@gmail.com

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