2017-02-15 / Irregular Regulars

As the Ski Turns

After spending some time in critical care we are happy to hear Kevin Steuber is home! It may be a few days before you see him out and about but feel free to send him a card to wish him well. They can be sent to him care of his dad: Ken Handrahan 522 Salem Road, Kingfield.

Huge thanks to Angela Boyce of Freeman for the decadent cake she brought to the Kingfield Board of Selectmen meeting last week. Although Angela and her husband Jim are not Kingfield residents they (and Angela’s homemade Italian treats) can be found at many town meetings. That’s a pretty sweet reason to get involved with town politics, if you ask us.

Checkiday.com tells us that there are all kinds of ways to celebrate Feb. 15! Everything from National Gumdrop Day to National Hippo Day, National I Want Butterscotch Day, Remember the Maine Day, Singles Awareness Day, Susan B. Anthony Day and St. Skeletor’s Day.

According to the Urban Dictionary, St. Skeletor’s Day was created by comedian Richard Herring, and is always Feb. 15 (the day after Valentine’s Day) —a separate celebration for “all the bitter lonely single people who didn’t get cards the day before, or on any Valentine’s Day ever.” And of course, this “celebration” has a Facebook page...

How about that snow! If you don’t like it, well you’re living in the wrong area this year. But we know plenty of people who are having a blast skiing, riding, snowshoeing, snowmobiling and playing in it. It’s good for business too! Have a great week!

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