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There’s only ONE community like Kingfield

Just over two months ago, Kingfield wrapped up a yearlong celebration. A beautiful and well thought out tribute, honoring our town’s 200 years of atemporal characters that made and make this village unique.

Thank you is a small statement for the Bicentennial Committee and its gracious volunteers for bringing light to our great town’s past. For sharing those wisdoms with the young and the old. Bringing and validating an awareness, that indeed, Kingfield is a “Gateway” … A Gateway to a time and space that seemingly stands still. A village that held onto its past as eloquently and driven as destiny. Held and holding its natural eloquence as everything around her booms in growth and change.

To all the many generations of this great town. Thank you for sustaining such a valuable remote village with your respect for the land for which you were raised. For trusting in yourself and thriving on ingenuity, sacrifice, imagination, grit, wit, drive and determination. For growing a village built on needs and not wants.

It is an honor to live and call Kingfield “home” amongst a village of such strengths that very much is thriving for that very ability to hold onto the greatness of its many legacies.

Kingfield’s town website has a quote from “Ski Magazine” describing Kingfield as “The most beautifully preserved ski town east of Aspen.” That remains true today because of community, not because of convenience.

To read in The Irregular (March 8, 2017, Page 1) that a Dollar General was considering Kingfield to add to its 500-plus locations…it saddened me, those sentences. The mere thoughts already taking away the glow of our town.

Kingfield… To be another link to the chains of convenience, casts a great shadow on all that we are. Our uniqueness, our scenic haven will gradually be dressed in the likes of so many other places. Our richness in perseverance and preserving fading into all the other familiar places the roads of this life have repeatedly shown us. It would be an injustice to the community of Kingfield to conform to the likes of 500-plus towns.

For 200 years there’s only been ONE community like Kingfield.

Tina Chase

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