2017-06-14 / Front Page

Franklin County broadband initiative receives grant

Franklin County Broadband Initiative has been awarded a $43,000 grant from ConnectME.

This award is the result of a competitive application process and it will help to fund a plan that will provide solutions for connecting communities in the county to highspeed internet. FCBI will use the state funds plus an additional $43,000 raised from municipalities to fund this six-month comprehensive review of existing coverage.

The application process began in January with designing and scheduling community meetings across the county. The purpose of these meetings was to hear from residents, businesses and educators about their hopes and wishes regarding access to the internet. Through this engagement broad community support grew behind this planning effort which reflects the universal recognition that reliable and affordable internet connectivity is necessary for people in Franklin County to connect to the twenty first century.

The timeline is for the plan to be completed in January. At that time, the data will be provided to the towns for them to make informed decisions on how they want to proceed with connecting to the internet.

A spokesperson for the FCBI said the group thanks the towns (22 including Livermore Falls), agencies, school districts, businesses and citizens that wrote or spoke in support of this initiative. It was this wide support that strengthened the application to ConnectME the spokesperson said.

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