2017-06-14 / Letters

How much water are they taking?

Over the few weeks, I have seen lines of Poland Spring water trucks hauling water.

I met five trucks on the Town Farm Road in Farmington in one trip down it. There were also four trucks coming out of the Pierce Pond Road on another day. I have no idea how much water they are hauling but I am sure it is plenty.

I have been concerned in the past about how much water Poland Spring has been removing from our aquifer.

What are they paying for this water? Oh, nothing!

The news is reporting on school budgets and the fact that the state’s part is falling short of what it should be. The difference is falling to folks who pay property tax.

As a solution to this problem, we could ask Poland Spring to pay a penny or two for each gallon of water they are taking from this area. This just might give us enough money for more funding to schools. I think this is something that we should consider and investigate.

June R. Flagg

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