2017-06-14 / Op-Ed

Veterans’ Affairs & Benefits

By David Miller

Veterans can register for online military exchange shopping

Some veterans who register at VetVerify.org will be invited to be beta testers. They will have the ability to shop online earlier than the planned Nov. 11 launch date. Officials said the sooner veterans register on the site, the better their chances of being chosen as a beta tester. Honorably discharged veterans interested in shopping online at military exchanges can begin their verification process immediately. The exchange websites offer tax-free shopping, and discounted pricing. Actual online pricing can be seen only by those who are authorized to shop at the following websites: www.shopmyexchange.com, www.mymcx.com and www.mynavyexchange.com.

VetVerify.org uses information from the Defense Department’s Defense Manpower Data Center to verify a veterans’ status. Veterans will receive notification of their acceptance as online shoppers.

VA to use same electronic health care record system as DoD

Veterans Affairs Dr. David J. Shulkin recently announced that the VA will dramatically reform his agency’s Electronic Health Record system by replacing the old antiquated system with same system used by the Department of Defense. This change is a shift from the VA’s previous plan to develop its own digital records system. The system would bring the agencies closer to being able to share veterans’ health information. This would solve a problem that has plagued both departments for decades. “The health and safety of our veterans is one of our highest national priorities,” Shulkin said, “Having a veteran’s complete and accurate health record in a single common EHR system is critical to that care, and to improving patient safety.”

My Note: Wonder of Wonders — Two agencies (VA & DoD) becoming seamless, cost effective, and providing quality services to active duty, retirees and veterans. It seems President Trump’s administration is making realistic and constructive changes within the government.

David Miller is a resident of Lexington Township. He is retired Navy and a member of the Fleet Reserve Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the American Legion. He provides an occasional column here in the Irregular on veterans’ benefits and concerns. (#150)

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