2017-07-12 / Letters

I want my Irregular newspaper!

Thank you Irregular for the replacement of my newspaper recently which turned up missing from the room I live in here at Sandy River (nursing home).

You see, the mail comes here to my room via the post office, delivered to us by an activity girl/woman. She had delivered the newspaper to my room, leaving it in plain sight and someone helped themselves to it!

Now, I request that it comes directly to me, not be left where people can see it. (This is the only paper I get —or care about.)

It’s so informative of our area! And I come from Avon (born and raised), Phillips schools and Rainbow Girls (when younger, and then Mother Advisor, too). While I live in the nursing home in Farmington, I still vote, absentee, in Avon.

Sometime, I’d like to tell what I know, heard and saw about Peirpole, who is supposedly buried in Avon/Strong.

Marylyn Raymond Bachelder

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