2017-08-09 / Arts & Entertainment

WMPM ‘mystery’ dinner fundraiser

WILTON — Western Maine Play Museum announces a fundraising event: The Mystery of It All Dinner, Saturday, Aug. 19 starting at 4 p.m.

Guests for the dinner will congregate at the play museum for a tour of the new renovations and future exhibit spaces at 4. Following the tour, guests will receive their Mystery Dinner Host assignments including directions to host homes where they will enjoy dinner and entertainment arranged by their host. The hosts are all community members residing on or around Wilson Lake in Wilton.

Entertainment may include music, boat rides or access to swimming at the lake. In most cases, multiple guest parties (usually couples of two) will be assigned with other guests to the same host house. The “Mystery of It All” is that guests don’t know who their host will be, what the entertainment will be, who the other guests with them will be, or what they’ll be eating (arrangements will be made in advance to overcome dietary requests/restrictions).

“Although there is a great deal of mystery, what is guaranteed is a wonderful time and meeting new people who are also interested in supporting the Western Maine Play Museum project,” a spokesperson for the museum said.

In an effort to reduce postage and cost of printing invitations, any member of the public who is interested in receiving an invitation and purchasing tickets for this event ($40 per person) is asked to either message the Western Maine Play Museum Board of Directors on its Facebook page (search for Western Maine Play Museum) or call/message Marylena Chaisson, a member of the board and organizer of the event, at 779-7722 with their mailing address. Space is limited, so it is recommended to contact early to ensure availability.

This event is the idea of community member Betty Shibles of Wilton, and is supported by The Wilton Group. Shibles, a longtime supporter of the play museum project, originally encountered the idea while visiting family out of state where it has been used as an annual fundraiser for a non-profit and typically raises thousands of dollars.

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