2017-08-09 / Letters

Dear friends and outside world,

This morning I don’t know whether I’m coming or going! I’ve been moved. Same section but different roommate.

Nothing to do with my old roommate but she had to have a cold atmosphere, and they treat me (having to do with my heart) with stuff to keep it cold. And my body has to have warmth to run! Sometimes I’m bundled up like an Eskimo —Ha!

Good news finally, thanks to my old, old friend (in knowing her, not in age) named Pat, who found and mailed me the “info” I’d been looking for: history on Pierpole. It’s very interesting. She found it online.

When I was a neighbor girl to Doris Toothaker (in Avon), she showed me his gravestones (as I remember it, a smaller one represented his wife). That was in the area of 70 years ago! About Memorial Day this year, my cousin took me to the area —on our way or back from visiting the family graveyard. But there was no time left as he had to get me back to Sandy River Center for lunch.

Sad as so much is different and all gone.

As ever,
Marylyn Bachelder

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