2017-09-13 / News from our Schools

Farewell to annual CVA ski swap

CARRABASSETT VALLEY — The annual CVA Used Equipment Sale has been a mainstay in the collaborative kick-off of the winter season. This year, after much consideration, CVA has decided to discontinue hosting the event, typically held during Sugarloaf’s Homecoming weekend.

“We are so grateful for the many years of support of this event and we recognize the value it provided the Sugarloaf and CVA community,” said CVA Head of School, Kate Punderson.

Over the past several years, interest in the event has decreased significantly. The growth and ease of online resale opportunities, including social media, has made direct sales and purchases more popular and has drastically cut into sales at the swap. Discontinuing the ski sale also allows CVA coaches, teachers and staff new opportunities to build connections and strengthen relationships with the academy and weekend program families during Homecoming Weekend.

CVA has created a virtual ski sale on Facebook in order to assist buyers and sellers. Everyone is welcome to join the group: www.facebook.com/groups/CVAGearSwap/

“Thank you again to all the Sugarloafers who have supported this event over the years,” Sarah Perry, CVA Director of Marketing and Communications, said.

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