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Colby runners claim top honor in annual Uphill Climb at Sugarloaf

Teammates Zane Fields, Scott Harrison and Gabe Forest sweep men’s podium in Maine’s toughest mountain run.

Pictured here are first place winners Cal Waichler and Zane Fields. (Photo courtesy Colby College) Pictured here are first place winners Cal Waichler and Zane Fields. (Photo courtesy Colby College) CARRABASSETT VALLEY — Amidst pre-season training for Colby College’s Nordic ski team, Junior Zane Fields of Woodstock Vt., took home top honors in the 2017 Sugarloaf Uphill Climb Sunday, completing the grueling course in a time of 28 minutes and 23 seconds. Underclassman Cal Waichler finished in first place over the women’s field with a time of 37:41.

Maine’s toughest mountain run lived up to its reputation, as racers endured strong winds and intermittent rain showers along the 2.5 mile course that leads to Sugarloaf’s 4,237 foot summit—the second highest peak in state.

Fields lead a podium sweep over the men’s division, finishing more than three minutes ahead of teammates Scott Harrison and Gabe Forest who crossed the line in 31:27 and 31:39, respectively.

On the women’s side, Waichler held more than a minute and a half lead over second place finisher and teammate, Vivian Hawkinson of Salem Ore., who crossed the finish line with a time of 39 minutes and 29 seconds, followed closely by Kirsten Miller who rounded out the women’s overall podium in 39:35.

The Uphill Climb is an annual tradition during Sugarloaf’s Homecoming Weekend which kicks off the unofficial countdown to winter in Carrabassett Valley. On display throughout the weekend were items and creations from local artists and vendors during the Upcountry Artists and Sugarloaf Homeshow as well as the new passenger cats for the Burnt Mountain cat skiing operation — the resort’s newest offering debuting this winter.

Sugarloaf Uphill Climb top three results (division, athlete, time and place)

Overall Women
Cal Waichler, 37:41, 1st
Overall Men
Zane Fields, 28:23, 1st
Women Under 20
Kirsten Miller, 39:35, 1st
Marin Colleta, 40:34, 2nd
Annika Martell, 41:13, 3rd
Men Under 20
Mark Young, 32:21, 1st
Nino Manzella, 32:32, 2nd
Foss Kerker, 33:24, 3rd
Female 20-29
Vivian Hawkinson, 39:29,
Julia Harrison, 41:47, 2nd
Lilly Naimie, 43:38, 3rd
Male 20-29
Scott Harrison, 31:27, 1st
Gabe Forest, 31:39, 2nd
Tyler Deangelis, 31:56, 3rd
Female 30-39
Kendra Emery, 40:27, 1st
Bethany Yellis, 44:55, 2nd
Erika Aschauer, 45:05, 3rd
Male 30-39
Tim Whiton, 33:39, 1st
Samuel Trafton, 39:32, 2nd
Rich Peale, 40:53, 3rd
Female 40-49
Amy Bown, 46:10, 1st
Sandra Hermann, 46:35,

Lisa Belisle, 47:02, 3rd
Male 40-49
Chris Duffy, 37:20, 1st
Marc-Andre Sharpe, 38:24,
Jeff Knieser, 40:07, 3rd
Female 50-59
Annette Gibbs, 48:09, 1st
Betsy Crowell, 49:02, 2nd
Michele Aronson, 49:29,
Male 50-59
David Drew, 35:23, 1st
Zaki Nashed, 42:36, 2nd
Tim Gerencer, 43:15, 3rd
Female 60-69
Mary Lou Lowrie, 47:29,
Laura Tyrrell, 1:04:18, 2nd
Penelope Armstrong,
1:12:56, 3rd
Male 60-69
Bruce Melendy, 41:54, 1st
Stephen Shores, 42:42, 2nd
Dave Cota, 48:39, 3rd
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