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Greetings from Woodlands

Marylyn’s Memories

Greetings from Woodlands nursing home, outside and on the outskirts of Farmington —down the Sandy River somewhere.

Now the pretty leaves have left us. I can remember when my dad and grandpa pounded stakes into the ground (around the houses) and put some old boards up against them, and then filled the trough with sawdust and leaves for banking as insulation. No Fiberglas back then.

These buildings here need that, too. But expect it won’t happen.

It surely needed a lot of that old fashion (do-it-yourself) stuff back then. Especially when the snow would drift as high as the lower branches of the large maple trees —eight to 10 feet. Where we lived, we could slide down on our sleds and pieces of cardboard.

Our family (the Raymonds) had one or two uncles who worked at a (sled) factory somewhere in Maine. We each got sleds for Christmas, and another year we got a toboggan together. Nat and I got skis once with leather straps to keep our feet in. We felt rich next to other kids.

Our parents gave us clothes and maybe shoes if we needed them (for Christmas). I wonder how many pounds of homemade butter my ma sold to do this for us.

I remember as a girl growing up our nearest neighbor was Henry Leighton and his wife, Grace. Because Santa did leave his name on the things for the stockings and Henry brought the package in the mail, then (we thought) HE was Santa Claus!

A happy Thanksgiving to you all —when it gets here. And please remember what the holiday means and how fortunate we live in America!

Amen. End of sermon.

Grannie B.
Marylyn Bachelder

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