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Heather Pierson Trio comes to Mexico’s Green Church

New England Celtic Arts

The Heather Pierson Trio will bring “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to Mexico’s Green Church Dec. 13. The Heather Pierson Trio will bring “A Charlie Brown Christmas” to Mexico’s Green Church Dec. 13. MEXICO — New England Celtic Arts will present The Heather Pierson Jazz Trio and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” at Green Church Concerts in Mexico Wednesday, Dec. 13. Doors open at 6 p.m. with show at 7.

Pierson is a pianist, singer/songwriter and performer based in Conway, N.H. Her Americana group, The Heather Pierson Acoustic Trio, is currently leading the folk radio charts with their 2017 release, Singin’. She has also recently launched her newest project, Musical Meditations, an online collection of improvised contemplative piano pieces.

A Charlie Brown Christmas was originally telecast in December 1965 and was an instant hit with audiences who connected with Peanuts creator Charles M. Schultz’s cast of characters — especially with its rounded headed hero Charlie Brown, his woefully scrawny Christmas tree, and his typewriter-wielding dog Snoopy. Nearly given the ax by CBS studios at the time of its release, this beloved holiday classic resonates with both children and adults of every generation. Fifty years on, it still holds up as one of the most endearing Christmas tales ever told, and the story of commercialism run rampant echoes clearly to this day.

The musical score for A Charlie Brown Christmas, composed by the late Vince Guaraldi, is just as poignant and touching as the story and includes the hugely popular hit “Linus and Lucy.” His gentle jazz riffs established musical trademarks that, to this day, still prompt smiles of recognition.

Joining Heather for this very special Christmas concert will be Shawn Nadeau on bass and Craig Bryan on drums. The group will perform the entirety of the Charlie Brown Christmas album as recorded by the Vince Guaraldi Trio, as well as other well-known and popular Christmas and not-so-Christmas tunes.

The Green Church is located at 163 Main Street in Mexico. Tickets are $15. Call 562-4445 for reservations (strongly recommended) or visit neceltic@gmail.com.

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