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Board denies change to Dollar General plans

By Dee Menear Irregular Staff Writer

KINGFIELD — Franklin Land Associate LLC representative Bob Gage approached the Board of Selectmen during the Monday, March 12 meeting to discuss final plans for Dollar General. “Basically, I am just here to see if you guys would be receptive to some modifications to the exterior of the building,” Gage told the board.

Gage said installation and building material costs have increased which has negatively affected the budgets on all five of his company’s Dollar General projects in Maine. “I am going around to each of these five locations to see if there is anywhere we can pull some money out of these projects. I just want to see if you would be interested or receptive to any suggestions to try to reduce the cost of this building,” Gage said.

“Don’t build it,” suggested Selectman Walter Kilbreth.

The most logical cost reduction would be associated with changing material and elevation on the exterior of the building, Gage explained.

Gage presented several options that varied from the planning board approved plans. He said the prototype store was the least expensive option to build and the board approved plan was the most expensive option.

Kilbreth said he was not going to cross the planning board and was sticking with the approved plans. “It strikes me a bit as a bait and switch,” noted Selectman John Dill.

“I understand it looks that way and that is surely not our intent,” said Gage. He said due to cost, the project might not even happen at this point even though permitting for the project was already done.

Kilbreth offered to purchase the property for $100,000. “That is mighty generous of you,” Gage replied.

Selectmen voted not to alter the plans approved by the planning board. They also appointed Susan Davis to the planning board.

Selectmen accepted Neal McCurdy’s resignation from the Village Enhancement Committee. “I wish he would stay. We need someone there who understands what is going on. From the article in The Irregular, it looks to me like they veered right off from the intent of that committee,” remarked Selectman Raymond Meldrum.

Selectman Brian Hatfield suggested the committee be reminded of what the VEC was established for and its specific mission. “I think we have some responsibility if they are not following what they are supposed to follow,” he said. The board agreed with Hatfield’s suggestion.

Selectmen meet the first and third Monday of the month. The next meeting will be held Monday, March 19. Meetings are held at 6 p.m. in Webster Hall.

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