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Kingfield POPS releases 2018 concert lineup

Adam Ezra Group (above left) is among the musical artists that will join the Bangor Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Lucas Richman (above right), at the Kingfield POPS concert, June 30. Adam Ezra Group (above left) is among the musical artists that will join the Bangor Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Lucas Richman (above right), at the Kingfield POPS concert, June 30. KINGFIELD — In its 16th year, the Kingfield POPS will once again feature the Bangor Symphony Orchestra featuring Grammy Award winning music conductor and director Lucas Richman to complete an evening of great live music Saturday, June 30.

Sharing the stage as the crowds arrive will be a solo acoustic performance delivering well thought-out Americana style songwriting by the popular Shawn Tooley. The upcoming and local favorite GoldenOak will be performing their carefully crafted songs, poetic lyrics and flowing harmonies.

The crowds will also see and hear the remarkable story behind Gypsy Tailwind Reunion featuring Anna Lombard, whose style remains firmly established within Americana and roots traditions. Adam Ezra Group will, as always, provide tight musicianship, intelligible lyrics and a dynamic performance.

Gypsy Tailwind Reunion Featuring Anna Lombard (above) Gypsy Tailwind Reunion Featuring Anna Lombard (above) If that is not enough, the Kingfield POPS has commissioned the development of orchestral charts by Emmy nominated composer/arranger Benjamin Birkbeck for a collaboration and a return to the stage of Gypsy Tailwind and Adam Ezra Group with the Bangor Symphony. Truly a special evening, noted a spokesperson for the POPS.

Bangor Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Lucas Richman

The Bangor Symphony Orchestra has been bringing the joy of live music to people throughout Maine since 1896, with concerts for many tastes and all ages. Richman has served as music director and conductor for the BSO since 2010 and was music director for the Knoxville Symphony Orchestra from 2003 to 2015. His command of the core repertoire, coupled with his finesse in presenting new and Page 31 contemporary works, continues to illustrate Mr. Richman as a source of musical expertise and artistic excellence.

Golden Oak Golden Oak GoldenOak

GoldenOak is an emerging sound in New England folk music. They are a Portland-based, indie-soul folk sibling duo, additionally featuring talented musicians on trumpet, cello and keys. Zak and Lena Kendall, originally from New Sharon, show their bond as brother and sister through carefully crafted songs, poetic lyrics, and flowing harmonies; as they sow seeds that explore a rich folk tradition.

Adam Ezra Group

Appearing as a quartet for a Kingfield POPS solo set June 30 and returning for a world exclusive with a collaboration set with the Bangor Symphony, Adam Ezra Group is well known for its tight roots-steeped, roadtrippin’ essence and is well-known nationally for tight musicianship, well-written lyrics and dynamic, engaging and powerful performances.

Shawn Tooley (right) Shawn Tooley (right) The Kingfield POPS are excited to be part of the gathering of Gypsy Tailwind Reunion featuring Anna Lombard, the spokesperson noted. Gypsy Tailwind is led by two strong talents in songwriting: Daniel Connor (guitar, vocals) and Lombard (vocals), 2015 N.E. Music Award’s Female Performer of the Year. Touching on an array of genres, their style remain rooted firmly within Americana and Roots traditions, with flavors of folk, rock, and alt-country, gracefully capturing the unclaimed sound that was always completely their own.

Living in both Napa, Calif. and Portland, Maine, Tooley has been deeply involved with singing, songwriting and touring acts since the age of 13, covering blues, Americana, country, folk, reggae and improvisational genres. He continually writes and records, selling songs to film, cable, radio and to musicians.

To conclude the evening will be the firework finale as the crowd reminisces on all the musical talent that consumed the day. Tickets can be purchased online at kingfieldpops.com or at Kingfield and Farmington locations of Tranten’s Family Stores and at local branches of Skowhegan Savings Banks.

For more information on the concert, ticket sales and line-up, visit kingfieldpops.com.

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