2018-03-14 / News from our Schools

Fifth Grade wins Winter Carnival 2018

By Paula Roy Kane Special to the Irregular

PHILLIPS — For the second year in a row, the Mighty Fifth Grade claimed the Winter Carnival Championship at Phillips Elementary. Enthusiasm, teamwork and perseverance proved to be the winning combination for the 2018 champs.

This event, sponsored annually by the Phillips Student Council, includes a week of Spirit Days, during which students dress in keeping with specified themes, and a Friday full of friendly competitions. The morning is devoted to indoor games, featuring the Great Toilet Plunger Race, the Baby Bottle Battle and the human version of Hungry, Hungry Hippos. In the afternoon, outdoor events focused on snowshoe and toboggan relays, while students who prefer to stay inside played chess and cribbage or competed in a trivia challenge.

In addition to all the team games, the Mr. America Contest is open to all middle school boys. This year, four young fellows vied for the title. These were Mitchell Maceda, Liam Macki and Colbyn Ross, all fifth graders, and Carter Butterfield, sixth grader and Mr. America 2017. Sue Shaw, Lisa Berry and Kawika Thompson served as judges, using rubrics to score the candidates in three categories: Casual, Talent and Patriotic. The boys submitted descriptions of themselves, which were read by Student Council President and Vice President, Haley Bate and Madison Contreras, when they introduced each candidate during the casual round. In the talent round, Carter Butterfield showcased his basketball skills with an alley-oop shooting demonstration. Colbyn Ross and Mitchell Maceda took each other on in a hot shot competition. Liam Macki went in a whole different direction, dancing to The Cupid Shuffle.

The final round required the boys to dress “patriotically” and answer questions related to the day’s theme, which, this year, was Dr. Seuss. Over the past several years, Friday’s theme has coincided with the theme for Franklin County Relay for Life. Proceeds from the Winter Carnival Dance held that evening are donated to this organization for the American Cancer Society.

A second award, The Spirit Cup, was awarded this year to the eighth graders for school spirit and positive attitudes throughout the week.

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