2018-03-14 / Op-Ed

United Methodist Economic Ministry update

By Tammie M. Gould

Spring is nearly here and it is a busy time at the United Methodist Economic Ministry. We will soon have our formal wear available for spring formal season. These gowns and suits are donated to us to share with young people in the area to help build cherished memories to carry them through a life time. We are always accepting gowns and dresses in hopes of having something for every one. If you have a gown in your closet taking up space, we may have a young person that would love to have it. For more information please contact us.

We are gearing up for our mission teams and housing projects, at this time we have five teams that have been to Franklin County before and love building up our community and helping families through our housing program, our backpack program and helping at the UMEM buildings, making repairs, keeping the garden weed free and sorting for the thrift stores.

Housing assistance applications will be available in local businesses and town offices. These applications should be returned to the United Methodist Economic Ministry by mid-May. The guidelines for the program are on the back of the application. If folks can not find an application, or would like help filling out the application, please call 678-2611.

We also would like to thank our community and local volunteers for their continued support for all of our programs.

Tammie M. Gould is the United Methodist Economic Ministry Administrative Assistant to the Rev. Michele St. Cyr.

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