Kingfield balloon adventure

August 14, 2003There we were all in our red hats huddled in and around the gondola with our faces all a glow from the early morning blush of sunrise. Above our heads loomed the 90,000-cubic-foot “Eye in the Sky” hot air balloon.The balloon was launched from the parking lot of the hotel just as the sun was cresting the mountain’s […]

Shed a tear for Labor Day

Is it safe, yet, to ponder the meaning of Labor Day?For 20 years, it has been decidedly unsafe. Remember when Reagan “broke” PATCO … the air traffic controllers’ union? That event was greeted by cheers from the right, long faces from the left, but otherwise a vast indifference to anything but potential effects on airline safety.Long before that watershed, union […]

Everybody should voice their opinions

To the editor:After reading Lindsay Schniepp’s letter to the editor, (Aug. 13 issue, page 3) my reaction, of course, was to respond right away.I have been best friends with Karen Pease for over 20 years, however I have also known Lindsay since she was a small child, so I decided to read her letter a couple more times, to let […]

Columnist holds no bias against Spanish or Spaniards

To the editor:As I’m sure you can imagine, Lindsay Schniepp’s letter in the Aug. 13 edition of the Irregular (“Column was small-minded,” page 3) stirred up many fierce emotions amongst Karen Pease’s supporters. As her sister and a highly educated, articulate (young?) woman as well, I feel the need to come to Karen’s defense.Anyone who has had the pleasure of […]

Wilson A. “Willy” Inman

WESTBROOK — Wilson A. “Willy” Inman, 42, of 103 Mast Road, died unexpectedly as a result of a car accident in Eustis, Aug. 14, 2003.He was born in Portland, a son of Elmer “Tug” and Alice Wilson Inman.He was raised and educated in Westbrook, and was a 1978 graduate of Westbrook High School.Willy served in the U.S. Marine Corps from […]

Real Estate Transfers

Roland James, Wauwatosa, Wis., to Joseph F. O’Donnell & Emily L. O’Donnell, Strong, land with buildings in Strong, 06/26/03.Arthur L. Rogers & Edna E. Smith, Eustis, to David P. Morris, Eustis, land in Eustis, 06/27/03.Peter N. Webber, Carrabassett Valley, to Dana A. Bullen II, Carrabassett Valley, & Joey P. Joseph, Fairfield, Unit 30 The Village Condominiums, Carrabassett Valley, 06/27/03.Jerry V. […]

CVA Classic raises $50,000 for scholarships

CARRABASSETT VALLEY — The 19th Annual CVA/Sugarloaf Golf Classic, held Aug. 22-24 at Sugarloaf Golf Club, was a tremendous success. More than 90 golfers participated in the three-day golf tournament. Friday’s event included a Two Person Scramble sponsored by American Airlines. Bruce Forsley and Joey Joseph were the overall winners and received round trip tickets from American Airlines. Carl and […]

Golfers raise over $2,000 for Phillips library

FARMINGTON FALLS — Some golfers may dream of a “hole in one” on their first shot of the day, and for most that’s what it is — a dream. But for William “Bill” Keating of Madrid and Connecticut, it became a reality when he played in the 5th annual Nine-Hole Golf Scramble at the Sandy River Golf Course recently.The annual […]

Salem building gets facelift

SALEM — The Salem Community Building has long served as a place for the town’s residents and visitors alike to gather and enjoy one another’s company.Its history can be traced back to 1858, when Cyrus J. Ellsworth built it. According to history of the town that was written in 1904, the building was originally designed to be a town house. […]

93 Maine Street Cafe opens in Phillips

PHILLIPS — After 27 years in the health care profession, Phillips resident Madeline Haines said that she was ready for a change of scenery.“I just wanted to do something different,” she said. “I wanted to have time for my grandchildren.”The idea for opening a casually elegant cafĂ© came about after she offered an apartment building that she owned on Main […]