Kingfield United Methodist Church plans open house, dedication

KINGFIELD — Kingfield United Methodist Church will celebrate completion of a major renovation project with an open house and dedication at the church on Saturday Oct. 30. The open house is scheduled for 4:30 p.m. with dedication to follow at 6. Pastor Norman Boulay will officiate at the service. A local group will provide special music.The congregation extends an invitation […]

Strong Board of Selectmen: Selectmen sign mutual aid agreement

STRONG — Selectmen, at their Oct. 12 meeting, signed Warrant number 42, in the amount of $62,219.60.Assistant Fire Chief Scott Dyar reported that Franklin County has developed a countrywide mutual aid agreement. The agreement, which was signed by the selectmen, will be maintained in the Franklin County Emergency Management office.Richard Fecteau received tax abatement in the amount of $619.67. Fecteau […]

Teach Your Children

Stand up to bullying

Children who are bullies are more likely to become involved in criminal behavior later in life, according to Skowhegan Chief of Police Butch Asselin. Asselin is a member of the anti-crime group Fight Crime: Invest in Kids, which is made up of more than 2,000 police chiefs, sheriffs, prosecutors, and victims of violence from across the country who work together […]

Observations from the F.A.R.M. (“Fresh Air & Room to Move”)

Another fish story...

A headline from the Sun Journal newspaper caught my eye recently. “Flagg’s Fish Fling Flops” was not only a tongue twister, but was a provocative title for a story, as well. I like tongue twisters … just yesterday Josie and I got giggling over one of the teasing word combinations. My daughter had accompanied me while I made a flying […]

Recipes from the Ridge

Salad for the Meal

Even Jerry Seinfeld has a salad for the whole meal — and why not? In today’s “anything” goes society, food can be whatever you crave. Take a few leftovers and create a meal — hot or cold, and enjoy! GREEN BEAN & APPLE SALAD 8 oz. green beans, cut in bite sizes 4 T. fresh parsley, chopped 2 apples, peeled, […]

Rear View

From the Irregular's archives

In the Irregular’s early days we lacked some consistency (hence the name, “Irregular”), but in our 1969 Fall Foliage edition, the season’s weather was Clear, Crisp and Bright. And the solution to a dull party was Dial an Auction by the Sock It To Me Shoppe. In the Sept. 17, 1969 issue, a special column written Reginald Potterton provides an […]

Moving forward

This is the continuation of the story that broke in my life back in April of this year.I gave up a daughter for adoption 26 years ago who found me, and we have now been communicating with one another for about four months.I wrote two separate articles for the Irregular (May 5 and June 16) from which I received so […]

Irregular Note about Commentaries & Letters

In the Oct. 13, 2004 issue of the Original Irregular, the “Letters and Commentaries Deadline” note, the second paragraph should have read: “The opinions expressed in the Letters and Commentaries that run in the Original Irregular, are those of the writers and do not represent the opinions of this newspaper.”

Vote ‘No’ on Palesky Tax-Cap

I am writing to urge you to vote NO on the Referendum Question 1 on Nov/ 2. This is the so-called “Palesky Tax Cap” proposal. This question asks the voters if they would like a tax cap of one percent based on the valuation of their property.According to figures supplied by the Maine Municipal Association, the Town of Kingfield would […]

Reject the Palesky referendum

There are two reasons to reject the so-called “Palesky” referendum.Much discussion has been presented on the financial loss to communities. There is a second reason citizens need to be aware of, and that is the fact local “home rule” democracy will be changed.I have conducted two interviews through CATV-7 regarding this referendum article. One was with Chris Hall V.P. of […]