Let’s try again! Kingfield Friday Artwalk this Friday

Small shelf bench, John Brown’s latest creation, can be seen at High Peaks Artisan Guild Gallery on Kingfield’s Main Street along with many other creations by Brown, in addition to works by more than 20 other artisans. (Image courtesy the artist)

KINGFIELD – Friday, March 3, organizers hope to recreate the last two Artwalks which many missed due to inclement weather. Jan. 6 there was a major snowstorm and Feb. 3 saw a highly windy freeze.

Artwalkers will once again have the opportunity to view and purchase creations and gems from across the area, from live-edge furniture to upcycled decor to leather goods, pottery to fine art and much, much more throughout Kingfield Village.

High Peaks Artisan Guild will feature two artists John Brown of Twisted Creations and Susan Berry Taylor in an attempt recreate these events. Brown was HPAG’s featured artist last month and Taylor was January’s.

“I try to combine live edge lumber with bittersweet vines to create a unique style of furniture and furnishings,” Brown notes. “I started out around 1996 building lamps but soon had enough larger pieces of wood to begin building furniture. I’ve gathered pieces from all over Franklin County, including bittersweet vine which is an invasive species.” Brown has a shop in Wilton at 104 Village View where he lives with his wife, Theresa. “I love to work with clients to build pieces that will fit their wants and dreams,” Brown concluded.

Silvery Shadowy Pines painting by Susan Berry Taylor (12×12 inch). Berry is a member of the High Peaks Artisan Guild on Main Street in Kingfield next to Longfellow’s Restaurant. (Image courtesy the artist)

“The heart of my work manifests narrative and expressive aspects reflecting synthesis of mind, body and spirit,” Taylor says. “This is especially true since the interweaving of my dual vocations as both artist and (Episcopalian) priest.” Formally trained as a printmaker in etching and lithography, Taylor notes that she has “translated this subtle sculptural quality into oil painting using mostly knives and mediums to basically draw with paint, glazing in layers creating an almost threadlike woven symphony of color and texture! I laugh aloud when explaining that my process is self-taught since I never took a painting class! I rarely mix colors, preferring to keep their natural brilliance and ‘individuality.’ My inspiration comes from within known as ‘painting from the source’ and by directly observing nature then reinterpreting the experience in the studio.”

Taylor and her husband, Jim, make their home in Kingfield. She serves as Rector of Saint Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Winthrop. Now retired from 37 years on the Rowe (Mass.) Highway Dept., Jim works part time at Sugarloaf and his love of skiing there provides Susan with lots of snow scene inspiration. Summertime will find them kayaking, bicycling, camping and hiking. Their daughter, Sophie, and husband, Tyler, live nearby in Farmington; while son, Josh and his wife, Lisa, live in Bloomfield, Conn.

For more information about Susan Berry Taylor, call her at 413-652-7092 or email Ammataylorfineart@gmail.com. Visit her website or Facebook page.

Other High Peaks members and independent vendors include:

Alana Ranney photography, fiber art (hats, mittens), jewelry and magic wands. Betsy Bass photography. RJ (Bob) Gray Jr. leatherwork, relief block printing. Catherine Hudson pottery, liquid art. Deborah Dubord Good Deeds Fiber Art (aprons, tote bags). Donavan Gaston scrapbooking. Greg Thomas photography, paper collage, acrylic paintings and pastels. Greg West fine woodwork, and wood accessories. Jo Eaton No Repeat Fiber work (hats, pins, necklace and scarves). John Brown Twisted Creations enchanted live edge furniture with a twist, Kitchen Island walking sticks and much more. John Pease Stain glass, fused glass art. John Reed jewelry, ornaments. Lisa Leavitt Freedom Felt fiber art. Nita Casey watercolors, pastels. Nora West plein air oil and watercolor paintings. Patty Thomas Alpine Design ski art, acrylic paintings, aromatherapy. Raymond and Karen Corson wood frames, cutting boards, cribbage boards and more. Richard Fecteau wood furniture and wood furnishing. Ros Gibson fine apparel, table linen, tote bags, seamstress. Saskia Reinholt acrylic paintings. Susan Hudson fused glass Sugarloaf ornaments. Susan Taylor impressionist sculptural oil paintings. Cynthia Knowles pen and ink drawings, tote bags, painted rocks and photography. Patricia Buck wool sweaters and pottery.

Additional venues throughout the town of Kingfield are:

The Red Barn Upcycled Market, just south of the village, features “upcycled” furniture and seasonal home decor.

Solstice Esthetics & The Thrifty Chicks is a few doors down from the Guild, in the former Original Irregular location.

Orchard Girls Cidery, on Main Street next to Mainely Convenience, is exhibiting Adam Masterman paintings and Greg Thomas paper collage art. Across the street, the Maine Beer Shed always has something going on including their new wood fire outdoor pizza oven serving delicious pizzas. Back in the heart of the village, Rolling Fatties will also be open.

Kingfield Made In Maine (in the former Sugarloaf Outlet building), is featuring local artists, pottery, live-edge items and paintings –over 29 artisans.

Longfellow’s Restaurant will be, as always, open during the Artwalk.

Most venues will be serving light refreshments.

For more information, visit Kingfield Friday Artwalk’s Facebook page or email Patty Thomas.

The next Artwalk will be April 7, 5 to 7:30 p.m.

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