Pumpkins on Parade at Phillips community center

1st Place Scariest: Jeremy Knight, age 4. (Paula Kane photo)

PHILLIPS — The Annual Pumpkins on Parade event, held Sunday, Oct. 30 at the Phillips Area Community Center (PACC) on Depot Street, was declared “a huge success” by organizers and participants alike.

“We had a huge response from the public,” stated Winona Davenport, PACC’s treasurer, who also announced that, with participants’ registrations in the pumpkin judging, the 50/50 raffle, the bake sale, and donations in general, the organization raised just over $1000. Of that, the 50/50 portion is designated to continue work on the roof of “the old gym”. The remainder will be used in the planning of future events for the public.

Winner of the 50/50 raffle was Cindy Worthley, who received $117.

Prizes for jack o’lanterns were awarded in five categories: Funniest, Scariest, Ugliest, Prettiest, and Most Original. Ribbons, made and donated for the event by Dark Star Fabrics of Phillips, were presented to first, second, and third place winners and to participants in each category.

Funniest: 1st place to Monica Huntoon; 2nd, Deb Black; 3rd Jaylene White, age 7. Deb Black’s entry also earned the Judges’ Choice Award.

In the Scariest class: 1st, Jeremy Knight, age 4; 2nd, Byron Knight; 3rd, Sharon Jones; Participants, Brenda Wilcox and Theresa Fast.

Awards for Ugliest: 1st, Dora Dill; 2nd, Diana McCall. Ribbons for Prettiest: 1st, Porter Knight; 2nd, Rachelle Knight.

Most Original: Cathy Fast. (Paula Kane photo)

Ribbons for Most Original were awarded to Cathy Fast, 1st and 2nd; Porter and Byron Knight, 3rd; Winona Davenport and Tabitha Huntoon, participants. Cathy Fast’s pumpkin was carved in the shape of a coracle (a small, rounded, lightweight boat of the sort traditionally used in Wales and akin to the “bull boat”) and filled with little bunnies, made by Cathy from alpaca wool. Accompanying this entry was the Legend of Owain Gwynedd, the last great king of North Wales, whose son, Madoc, may or may not have been one of the first Europeans to make “voyages of discovery” in the New World. There are some Native American cultures, including some in Maine, whose legends suggest that “Prince Madoc” may correspond to a historical figure in their oral histories.

Yuck! 2nd Place, Ugliest: Diana McCall. (Paula Kane photo)

The PACC Board of Directors offer heartfelt thanks for the greatly appreciated contributions of the many volunteers, whether PACC members or the public in general, who helped make the event such a success. Some worked at PACC to do the physical setting up and putting away. Others donated baked goods for the sale. April Grant donated the cornstalks and pumpkins used for decorating outside the building.

One volunteer, who preferred to remain anonymous, commented, “I do it because I just like to help!”

Judges for the event were Tina Cloutier, Mike Soboleski, and Mark and Margaret Cozensa.

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