Voting is every American’s sacred right

I read with interest State Sen. Farrin’s Letter to the Editor ( My conscience does not allow me to not reply.

In all due respect, it is not appropriate to commend someone who let Mainers down and who let Americans down from coast to coast. U.S. Sen. Collins was pushed mightily to vote to pass the U.S. voting rights bill. And she did not.

As you may know State Legislatures in many states have passed laws which make it much harder for people of color to vote. This important legislation would make it easier for everyone all across America to vote–no matter their color of skin.

You mentioned the cost to town governments in Maine. I believe that many workers at polls in Maine are volunteers. Volunteers do not cost towns anything.

I feel offended that your letter came during Black History Month. I think you know that the U.S. voting rights legislation that Sen. Collins did not vote for was to help Black people, Latinx people, Asian people, White people –everyone– to vote. Voting is every American’s sacred right. This U.S. legislation is NOT overreach. It is sorely needed in our divided country.

Brian Noyes Pulling, M.Div.

Christian Minister and Social Worker

Kingfield and Cornville

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